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SAAN is now Alamo Angels! 

(Please excuse the mess as we update our website)

The Alamo Angels are an exclusive group of business leaders and corporate sponsors who promote local business growth. 

Alamo Angels members identify and grow promising startup companies by providing financial investment, educational resources, and business services to entrepreneurs


Are you a startup seeking funding?

Interested in joining?


An angel network is a group of angel investors who organize together to facilitate investing. High-growth companies apply, are selected and go through a process that can end in investment from one or more members.




Investors: Angel Investors looking for increased deal flow and cooperation with other high net-worth individuals. All investor members must pay dues and meet the qualifications to be considered an accredited investor by IRS rules.

Companies: High-growth startup companies looking for less than $1mm in total funding.


Alamo Angels Membership Tiers:

Investor Members

Access to superior, pre-screened deal flow.  Leverage expertise of the Alamo Angels network and due diligence resources.

Membership Requirements

  • Qualify as an Accredited Investor (per SEC guidelines)
  • Invest at least $25,000 annually or participate in Alamo Angels investment syndicate*

Community Members

Join our network of 100+ business leaders who share a  passion around building San Antonio's startup ecosystem.

Membership Requirements

  • Participate in Alamo Angels events & programming
  • Abide by Alamo Angels membership code of conduct


Annual Membership dues: $1,800 individual member (+$500 to include spouse/partner), $2500 corporate membership**

*Reach out to for more information on the Alamo Angels Investment Syndicate

**Sponsorship opportunities available. Reach out to for more information


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