Startup Week: “Outperformance and Opportunities: Women Investors and Women Entrepreneurs”

The San Antonio Angel Network (SAAN) participated with San Antonio’s Startup Week by highlighting the importance of women investors and women entrepreneurs by inviting Sara Brand, Ph.D and Kerry Rupp, from True Wealth Ventures, to talk about their experiences as entrepreneurs and now venture capitalist. The evet took place at Paramour on March 1st. Several local entrepreneurs and investors attended the event. The importance of women entrepreneurs and venture capitalist was highlighted at the event. Kerry Rupp and Sara Brand talked about how “while only 4% of venture capital partners are women, women VC's are 2x as likely to invest in a company with women founders, and 3x more likely to invest in a woman CEO”.  Quoting a Harvard Business Review article, they mentioned that “women venture capitalists investing in women-led companies show better financial returns. Specifically, women-led companies have a 32% greater chance of annual exit when funded by a woman investor”.

The event was one of a series of presentations prepared for Startup Week, and was an opportunity for the San Antonio Angel Network to interact with our local community of women entrepreneurs and investors. Kerry and Sara also mentioned that San Antonio ranks among the top 10 cities in the nation with the most-women owned businesses, something to be very proud of.  The SAAN is a group of angel investors who organize together to facilitate investing. High-growth companies apply, are selected and go through a process that can end in investment from one or more members. As part of the SAAN network there are several women angel investors committed in finding companies that have women entrepreneurs. At the presentation, it was mentioned that when women are on the management team of companies, whether they’re public companies or venture-backed startups, the companies perform significantly better financially.  In fact, a Kaufmann Foundation study showed that venture-backed companies with a woman CEO showed 35% higher ROI and 12% higher revenue growth, while using 1/3 of the capital.  Yet, despite this outperformance, fewer than 3% of companies funded by venture capitalists have a woman CEO.