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Why Join Alamo Angels?

Alamo Angels does more than fund early-stage companies. We are building a startup ecosystem.  Our exclusive group of 100+ local business leaders leverages combined experience, knowledge, and resources to guide startup companies to success. Alamo Angels members receive access to proprietary deal flow, first-class events, and a variety of investment and educational tools. 

Membership Levels

Alamo Angels members receive access to national Angel Capital Association (ACA) events and resources

Community Members


Be a part of a network of over 100+ local business and community leaders accelerating San Antonio’s burgeoning startup community and creating jobs for tomorrow’s economy.


Learn how to evaluate startups and build a diverse angel portfolio. Help mentor up-and-coming entrepeneurs as they develop the next breakthrough that disrupts and redefines their industries.


Gain access to over 30+ events per year including pitch events, education luncheons, entrepeneur workshops, as well as state and national conferences through the Angel Capital Association.


Abide by membership code of conduct.

Investor Members

Superior Deal Flow

Alamo Angels’ national deal network sources over 300 deals per year offering investment opportunities across all industries & sectors.

Investment Benefits

Co-invest with venture capital funds & other angel groups while leveraging the expertise of current members to vet potential investments.

Investment Syndicate

Members can participate in the annual Investment Syndicate, which offers improved due diligence information & investment reporting.


Abide by membership code of conduct.

Investing members must meet SEC Accreditation.

Membership Dues

$1,800/year individual or couple

$2,500/year business/family office membership

2018 Investment Syndicate

The Annual member-driven investment fund

Frequently Asked Questions

What resources do Alamo Angels Members Have Access to?

Alamo Angels hosts pitch meetings, networking dinners and educational events where members can share expertise to vet potential investments.

Is Alamo angels affiliated with any other angel networks?

Yes, all Alamo Angels members recieve membership in the national Angel Capital Association (ACA).

Do I Have to invest by myself?

Alamo Angels provides opportunities for members to co-invest with other members and angel networks to lower capital commitments, build wider portfolios and participate in statewide and national deal syndications.

How does Alamo Angels contribute to growing San antonio's economy?

Alamo Angels works to develop the local Startup and Investment communities, generating meaningful returns for investors and helping companies grow.

Are there any additional requirements?

Yes, all Alamo Angels members must agree to and abide by the membership code of conduct.

Are There required investments?

No, all Alamo Angels members investment decisions amounts are at their own discreton. There are no annual investment requirements. In addition there are no management fees or carried interest on investment returns.

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