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Our group of accredited investors come from a variety of industries and backgrounds. We hold monthly events to hear pitches, network, share resources, and expertise. Members have access to qualified deals and syndicate opportunities with other members and angel networks.

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Get access to capital from our group of San Antonio’s top accredited investors. We have rolling applications and hold monthly pitch events to provide the capital needed to grow your early-stage company. If selected, you will get pitch coaching sessions with our professional staff.

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Mariano Gonzalez

“From gaining access to well vetted deal flow, collaborating with other venture partners in analyzing and negotiating opportunities, obtaining a hands-on education on the legal and fiscal aspects of startup investing, and ultimately gaining exposure to an exclusive community of potential limited partners, Alamo Angels was instrumental in my graduating from Angel Investor to Venture Capitalist.”

Mariano Gonzalez

Founder and General Partner - MGV Capital Group

Matthew Darner

“Alamo Angels has been a fantastic partner to the CollBox team. They played a big role in getting our first round of funding and have continued to support us throughout by leveraging their network to get us valuable introductions as we seek to expand.”

Matthew Darner

Co-founder, VP of Business DevelopmentCollBox

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