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What is the Investment Syndicate?

The Alamo Angels Investment Syndicate brings members together to pool resources and expertise for investments. By having a large committed investment pool, the fund is able to create a diversified portfolio and attract better deals from around the country.

Each investment syndicate has an annual target raise of $2 million, which is then used for 5-10 deals per year. Unlike other managed investment syndicates that typically charge 20% in carry fees, the Alamo Angels Investment Syndicate takes no fees or carried interest.

Syndicate Benefits

Diversify your Portfolio

The Investment Syndicate mitigates risk by pooling funds and investing in a variety of industries and regions.

Leverage Expertise

Regular events offer networking opportunities to where members can share knowledge for both personal and fund related investments.

Choose your role

Take part in the fund as an active investor or earn returns through passive investment.

Access Requirements

All investors in the Alamo Angels Investment Syndicate must be accredited.

Participation in the Investment Syndicate is limited to Alamo Angels Members.

Each member of the Investment Syndicate contributes a minimum of $25,000 to participate.

Become A Member

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