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Why Pitch Alamo Angels?

Alamo Angels was founded to help foster the growth of startup businesses and provide them with access to the critical resources needed for expansion.

In addition to capital investments, we provide access to educational resources, business development resources and our network of industry leading leaders.

Is Your Company a Good Fit?

While the investment criteria are up to each investor, their ideal company meets some of the following:

High Barriers to Entry

Your company has intellectual property protection. You should have a uniqueness on the product or service with an innovative twist as a competitive advantage. You should know what problem your company is solving and how the solution solves it.


Your product is developed or near completion and there are existing or potential customers who have confirmed they’ll buy the product.


You should be able to commercialize on large markets and demonstrate the potential for significant revenues and earnings in the next 3-7 years. You should know who your main competitors are and your key differentiators.


You can be located anywhere across the nation. However, a strong preference will be given to early-stage companies located in San Antonio or Texas.


You should have a strong management team with financial competence and a proven record for success. Your executive team should be open to receive and apply feedback.

Skin in the Game

You should have made personal financial investments and/or have raised funding from family and friends.

Deal Terms

Your company has an established legal entity, preferably not an LLC. Our investors prefer equity positions, convertible notes, or SAFEs. Preferred shares are preferable over common stock.



Your company has a reasonable valuation.


Exit Strategy

Your company has a clear exit path.

Sound Like a Fit?

Take 15 minutes to fill out an application to pitch to our members.

Application Process

Refer to our calendar for application deadlines and pitch dates.


1. Apply

The deadline to submit an application is typically the third Monday of the month

2. Selection

2-3 applicants are selected monthly and are eligible to receive feedback.

3. Coaching

If selected, companies will attend pitch coaching sessions.


4. Pitch

You’ll have 7 minutes to pitch and 7 minutes for Q&A.


5. Deep Dive

The one-hour deep dive session is meant to allow adequate time for investors to ask detailed questions before moving into due diligence.

6. Due Diligence

Interested investors will work with your company to better understand different aspects the business including a close examination of the company, team, products or services, and customers. Certain documentation may be requested during this phase.


7. Terms

After the due diligence phase, interested investors will draft and finalize the term sheet and execute documents to outline the investment deal.

8. Funding

Companies will receive funding to grow their company.

What Some of Our Funded Companies Have to Say About Us

Matthew Darner

“Alamo Angels has been a fantastic partner to the CollBox team. They played a big role in getting our first round of funding and have continued to support us throughout by leveraging their network to get us valuable introductions as we seek to expand.”

Matthew Darner

Co-founder, VP of Business DevelopmentCollBox

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the application process take?

We operate on a monhtly cycle and select 2-3 companies to feature every monnth. It would take a maximum of 3 weeks between the time you submit an application and the time you know if you are selected to present.

Do you charge companies to present?

We never charge for application or presentation fees.

Does Alamo Angels sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)?

No. It’s common practice for most angel investors and venture capitalists to not sign NDAs.

With what terms does Alamo Angels invest?

Our members prefer to invest on equity positions, Some are open to convertible notes and SAFEs. Our term sheets vary depending on the type of deal, the risk associated with your startup, industry dynamics, and the timeline to exit; however we do strive to invest under commonly accepted investment terms. Angel investors only invest in preferred stock (not common stock). Liquidation preferences vary from deal to deal, and each section of a term sheet is negotiated depending on the individual circumstances.

Do you work with other Angels Groups?

We are a member of the Angel Capital Association (ACA), which provides access to ideas, and connections that drive returns. Additionally, we are active participants in the Alliance of Texas Angel Networks (ATAN), which is a group of more than a dozen individual angel network organizations in Texas formed to promote mutual access to quality deal flow.

Is my company ready to apply to Alamo Angels?

Each individual member has their own criteria to select what company fits into their portfolio. However, please refer to our investment criteria above to get a general understanding at what our members are looking for.

If denied, am I allowed to reapply in the future?

Yes. Many companies that are not funded return to us when they have met key criteria that made them inelgible during their initial application.

Does Alamo Angels fund companies outside of Texas?

Yes. While we strive to give back to our community by investing on local deals, we welcome and actively have pitches from out-of-state companies.

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