Growing Seeds and Startups

Gain access to new capital and investment opportunities.

Why Alamo Angels

Alamo Angels was founded to help foster the growth of startup businesses and provide them with access to the critical resources needed for expansion. In addition to capital investments, we provide access to educational resources, business development resources and our network of industry leading business professionals.

Application Requirements

Applications are currently limitied to high growth startups looking for total investment of less than $1 million.

Any U.S. based company may apply.

Applications are handled through Proseeder.

Applications may take 4-6 weeks to process.

How It Works

The Process


Companies apply using our standardized form and go through an initial screening.


A lead investor is selected, helps set terms and deal is shown for approval.


Approved companies pitch at one of the quarterly/monthly member meetings.


Executive director works with lead investor to finalize terms and the deal.

Apply to Pitch

Are you a startup seeking funding? Take the first step to growing your business by completing our application at the link below.

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